Our Story

Jodi and Carlos Alderete met in 2012 while hustlin’ as freelance English teachers in the Czech Republic. She’s an Oakville, Ontario native, and I (Carlos) was born and bred in Austin, Texas.

After spending a collective 16 years in beautiful Prague, we both could no longer ignore the creeping realization that the “rat race” across Europe is as indistinguishable as the ones in Canada, the US, and seemingly around the world. We wanted out.


In early 2018 we moved to a sparsely populated and affordable New Brunswick as we took steps to reduce our wants to a less complicated, more fulfilling life. We’ve tied all of our dreams, our hopes, and our finances to a small plot of land just west of Moncton, and here established our most significant life change under the banner Fair Share Market Garden.

“Fair Share Market Garden”

Jodi and I like to think that the name we’ve chosen for our farm truly represents our principles. “Fair Share” because our cultivation methods will never lead to an abuse or overreach of resources for our own profit; and “Market Garden” because we’ve initially set up our little farm to fit the production needs of nearby markets as well as an eventual community supported agriculture (CSA) program.

What We’re Aiming For

We would like to one day see Fair Share Market Garden as a closed system that sustainably produces its own meat, dairy, egg, plant, and seed stores for ourselves and the communities around us. Even loftier dreams include generating our own energy to complement a permiculture design that serves as a model for conscientious living. We are, however, newbies so . . . one step at a time.

Carlos Alderete
Fair Share Market Garden
Glenvale, New Brunswick

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