FSMG Made Tangible

Jodi and Carlos unfettered, overwhelmed, plugged in, and stuck with each other.

It’s been quite a while since our last post and much has changed. I’ll, therefore, provide a thesis for this here essay. It goes as follows: Jodi and I for the first time are not just home but land owners; we’re up to our eyeballs in necessary tasks and projects; there are now dedicated Instagram and Facebook pages to non-committedly keep up with us; and last but not least, the Province of New Brunswick has officiated a straightforward and unassuming matrimonial service on our behalf, formally making us Mr. and Mrs. Wannabe Farmer.

Think for yourself.

Topic one: I had previously mentioned that I’d full-throatedly lament the pains of buying real estate, but I’ve changed my mind. The energy it would take to do so is not where I’d like to place any attention. My only advice is to go through a realtor qualified for your specifications (agricultural, commercial, residential, etc.) and make sure s/he’s not a moron. We cut our guy loose and did everything the hard way. But it’s done. Oh, and just remember that any personal opinion you ask for, will likely be unqualified and apocalyptic, so remember to think for yourself and don’t let any negativity weigh down your decision.

Jodi and I bought a 15-acre property in a hamlet called Glenvale which is near a village called Petitcodiac. The house on it is a very old “mini” home, which is a classy way of saying mobile home. No complaints here. It’s bigger than our apartment in Prague and the after-market bay window opens up beautifully to the whole property. The sky is big and starry at night, and there aren’t any people around to disturb my arresting introversion or hostage situation over Jodi. The previous owners had worked the land as a strawberry and raspberry U-Pick that had been prosperous enough in its heyday that every local we’ve met knows exactly the place we’re describing. Pretty cool. We’ve watched foxes, hummingbirds, and several pheasants (the latter-most of which will shortly become dinner (they’re wrecking the strawberries we inherited)) from our favorite window, and bone-chilling temperature aside, we can’t wait to see rolling white snow-fields come wintertime.


Topic two: tasks, tasks, tasks! And where to begin?? Our financial situation isn’t really a situation at all as we are alarmingly fund-deficient, so first thing should be to register as a farm in order to access agricultural programs designed to help out existing farmers and new entrants to the province. There’s still, however, piles of money invested in the devastatingly neglected raspberry and strawberry infrastructure that needs to be tended to and with no sales outlet or even immediate time for one, we’re frankly sick of eating strawberries and have taken to freezing them until we get our act together. There are worse problems (like in a few weeks when the raspberries start to ripen or, you know, Donald Trump), so I’ll pull up my big boy pants and shut the fudge up . . . about that. We’ve also got the steel frame of a decent sized greenhouse to assemble and find plastic for. I’ve also gotta build a chicken coop, a rabbit pen, find affordable mass quantities of compost and natural fertilizer, and figure out what to plant in the fall for next spring’s harvest. *swoon* I have to remind myself every day that our plan was not to start a farm in the middle of 2018, so chill. . . . Because I can’t chill, however, here is a satellite image of our place alongside a wildly ambitious plan for the farm.

Topic three: Now that we’ve got a physical address to bring our fantasy startlingly closer, we’ve set up corresponding Instagram and Facebook accounts. They’re both fledgling, of course, and we’re still finding our rhythm but if you follow them now you could boast your support of Fair Share Market Garden before it was the coolest thing to do. It would also be super encouraging for us.jc

Topic four: Jodi and I are, as of June 29th, officially wedded. We’ve known each other six years and have been in a legitimately exciting relationship for four. June will forever be a month in which we started dating, bought a home, and got hitched. I’m so happy to have met her while there’s still so much life in both of us and no matter what direction our successes and not-so-successes take us I know that we’ll always have the luster of certainty to attend us through both. It’s a pretty good feeling.

Glenvale, New Brunswick

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